John Singletary

I employ a complex process that is an intersection of pure experimentation and methodical precision, creating a proprietary mixtures of chemicals, including standard photographic darkroom compounds combined with more exotic substances and using a 4×5 view camera to photograph the multifaceted, beautifully intricate reactions that unfold as the solutions are allowed to dry. The essence of the work dwells very much in the realm of duality: the choice of ingredients in a given mixture is informed as much by simple curiosity as by scientific knowledge. The work is approached with painstaking exactitude while embracing serendipitous outcomes generated by the spontaneous interactions of the elements in solution.

While the initial parameters are carefully determined, the final effects are beyond control and suggestive of an organizing process in nature. From these reactions have emerged fractal-like patterns which are reminiscent of the endlessly repeating structures that exist on multiple levels, from the subatomic to the cosmic. The resultant images are intricately detailed, grandly gestural, calligraphic forms that capture the interplay between order and chaos while offering a glimpse into the complex architecture of the universe.