Genevieve Coutroubis

Genevieve Coutroubis is a photographer and ethnographer photographer who has been documenting Greece since 1995. Several years ago, Genevieve departed from her black and white images of Greece and began shooting color with a Holga camera. Her “Greece” body of work captures the nation’s diversity and beauty as she experiences it.


Genevieve and John
Genevieve and John are visual artists who are also husband and wife. In 2009, the couple collaborated on work for their two person exhibition at the Sam Quinn Gallery. The results of this initial union inspired Coutroubis and Karpinski to continue their collaboration. Coutroubis and Karpinski begin their process by using a series of Coutroubis’ photographic images to create a loose narrative. Afterwards, the couple develops a story that requires Karpinski to draws directly on the photographs. Their current, on-going body of work, “Atlantis, Granted” is inspired by their four-year-old daughter, Vetta. It is an attempt to document the magic of childhood play.

Genevieve and Johanna
Inspired by the transformation of her images through collaborative efforts with John, Genevieve explored a collaborative relationship with Johanna. Incorporating vintage photographs that Genevieve has collected through her travels,  Johanna created textures in thread, following patterns found in the images and in historical cloth patterns. While the stitching recalls clothing and the ties between those layers, the photos illustrate memory and experience.

John Karpinski has been creating art through comics since 2003. John enjoys the challenge of storytelling through a sequence of images.

Johanna Marshall is a West Philadelphia fiber artist focused on social and personal response to daily idiosyncratic experience. Her work draws from historical needlework and is used here to call attention to the layers of human use in a physical place.