Charles Barbin

I received my BA from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in 2002, majoring in painting.  During that time I completed a semester in Rome from January-May 2001. After a solo exhibition in Italy, I had a painting chosen to be part of the permanent gallery collection at Temple campus Rome.

Since 2004, I have worked with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program painting and designing murals.  I’ve been involved in MAP’s art education programs, “Big Picture”, and “Mural Corp.”  In 2010, during a year-long mural project on JEVS Behavior Health center building in Philadelphia, I led outpatient painting workshops which continued into the project on the Philadelphia Airport, “How Philly Moves.”

In  Summer 2011, I exhibited at the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia, where I was able to collaborate with multiple artists from multiple mediums including dance, song, spoken word and sculpture/installation. My most recent project is a mural dedicated to the Philadelphia band The Roots, which will find its home on the corner of Broad and South street later this year.

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